Useful Resources


Spare yourself the hassle and time spent poring over the internet to find the best information about history. Check out Living History Conference’s useful resources list for information at your fingertips.

Living History Associations

A compilation of past and existing Living History Associations in the US.

Living History Conferences in the US

A compilation of upcoming annual workshops and conferences to be held by Living History Associations in the US. Information will be regularly updated as soon as they become available.

Living History Museums

A compilation of currently existing Living History Museums in the US that are open to the public.

World Renaissance Fairs

If you love the renaissance period, then you’ll love checking out this list of renaissance fairs that are still being held in the US and around the world.

World History Reenactment Societies

Similar to the Living History Associations, this compilation provides you with a list of societies that conduct historical reenactments for public viewing.

Teaching History for Preschoolers

Start them young. A unique and delightful teaching approach to make history a fun learning experience for the bright young minds of today.

Arts and Crafts in The Name of History

Make your own piece of history by re-creating arts and crafts that were created at the time that tools and resources were hard to come by. Perfect for summer vacations to keep kids (and even teenagers) from spending too much time in front of an electronic gadget.

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