5 Reasons Why History Is Worth A Degree

Have you always been a history buff and are wondering if a degree in History would be the best choice for a university or college? Here are my top 5 reasons why earning a degree in History is worth it.


History has and will always be relevant to society. The in-depth study of modern-day history helps us understand the current situation of any issue and how history has influenced it, either directly on indirectly.

Great Training Ground

History students are trained to become analytical thinkers, which in turn helps them discern the level of priority and information that is indispensable for decision making.

Students’ research and writing skills are honed by requiring them to create well written essays or expositions based on factual historical data.

Class presentations are very common among history classes compared to other subject areas, which allows students to develop skills in public speaking.

Encouraging Independence

Total concentration is required of students while they research and make inquiries on their own into the past.

Lecturers are available to support and assist as needed. However, since most of the course work would require reading, the student will soon learn to be self-sufficient.

An Investment for The Future

Earning a History degree from a prestigious college or university not only looks good on your resumé or curriculum vitae…it also bodes well for opening more than one career path that you can choose from.

You don’t have to focus on applying for a job as a museum curator or a university lecturer. Your learned skill set can be the key to a whole new avenue of career opportunities.

Easily Combined with Other Subjects or Courses

If you think that you’ll get stuck with studying plain history, then you thought wrong. Other subjects or courses can be easily combined with History.

For example, you can choose to combine a course for History and Literature or History and Science. There is no limit to the possible course combinations that you can choose from.

Have I perked your interest enough to check out the nearest university or college to see if they offer a degree in History?

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