Hi there! My name is Kevin Cohn and I would like to welcome you to my blog – Living History Conference.

History has always fascinated me even during my younger years. I remember sitting in the living room and watching television with my parents as they watch documentaries on American and World History.

Honestly, I never truly understood my parent’s fascination with history until I was granted the privilege to have Mr. Kendrick as a history teacher in my elementary school.

He had a way of teaching history that made you sit up and take notice of every lecture that he gave. What could have been a boring discussion soon turned into an exciting adventure.

If you think that choosing a college degree is difficult, this was actually a no-brainer for me. Choosing a degree in history was the only choice for me. And let me tell you that I was very happy with my decision since it paved way to a number of jobs to choose from after my graduation.

Here at Living History Conference, you’ll read posts about everything related to history…which is basically a lot of information to cover.

Are you a history buff and want to take part in my blog? I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email and be part of the history at Living History Conference.